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California Enterprise Technology Contracts

The Enterprise Technology contracts are a source for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) enterprise-class equipment and related services for the State of California and participating local government agencies at pre-negotiated contract pricing.

Enterprise Technology is defined as all data center equipment (equipment in a data center and equipment that can interface with a data center), such as servers, storage, converged & hyper-converged systems, on-campus networking and fabric. Though hardware is the primary focus of these contracts—software, accessories and services are available as well but must be ancillary and support the hardware procured.

The scope of the contracts referenced here excludes the following items:

  • Cloud Services, including acquisitions structured as managed on-site services
  • Storage-as-a-Service, an architecture model by which a provider allows a customer to rent or lease storage space on the provider’s hardware infrastructure on a subscription basis.
  • Telecommunications hardware and services
  • Personal Computing (PC) goods and services
  • Wireless phone and internet services
  • Managed Print Services
  • Printers, Tablets, Cellular Phone Equipment
  • Off-campus networking
  • Public Works

e360 works in cooperation with the State of California and our certified DVBE Partner to furnish quality products and services at the lowest discounted price available in a timely and efficient manner. As such, e360 is the primary point for warehousing, customer service, data collection, reporting and distribution to the State for the products available via these contracts.

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